Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

The cold winter is upon us and it is important to understand the steps to keep your skin feeling healthy this winter season.  I’m comfortable in my skin, and love embracing what the colder temps bring to my skin and the natural products that help my skin deal with eczema every winter.

I have found that moisturizing with a dense heavy cream, such as, our hand cream, helps keep my skin moisturized throughout the day.  The product is made from a heavy concentration of avocado oil and aloe vera to allow deep hydration and provide my skin with some much needed vitamins as well.   This product may be purchased as an unscented cream or with our natural scented oils. 

If you are looking for a more liquid based body product that will still deliver a strong moisturizing defense against winter weather and still offer vitamins, we have a collection of body lotions.  The base on these products is avocado oil and aloe vera to offer your body hydration with our natural scented oils.

Finally, we offer a product line of sugar scrubs for exfoliating and massage oils to deeply lubricate your body.  Our sugar scrub is made with Shea Butter to offer a gentle exfoliation while providing you vitamin rich essential fatty acids, such as, Omega 6 and Omega 9.  In our massage oil, we use quality ingredients including, jojoba oil that will give you a wonderful cleansing and moisturizing treatment without clogging your pores.  This oil provides natural anti- inflammatory properties along with vitamins, such as, vitamin E and B.


As you think about what your skin needs this winter, think about the benefits of natural ingredients that will deliver a healthy start to treat your skin and defend against the cold harsh days.  It’s important to moisturize and keep your skin hydrated while giving it some love with essential vitamins.