Making your Premium Candles Last as Long as Possible

Making Your Candles Last Longer

            These days the prices of candles are increasing at an incredibly rapid pace.  The cost of ingredients and supply chain issues is forcing candle makers to raise the prices.  This creates a need for people to maximize the use of their candles and get them to last as long as possible.  Here are three ways, (that really work!), to improve the life of your candle.

  • The first way to increase the life of your candle is to keep your wick nicely trimmed. Every couple of hours of burn time your candle may develop a mushroom like tip or start to increase in length.  Both of these things increase the size of the flame and encourage more wax to be burned.  Although great for the throw of your candle, not so good for making your candle last.  Always keep your candle trimmed to about ¼” and you will maximize the life of your candle.  Try using a candle trimmer!
  • Keep your candle from tunneling. In order to use all the wax you don’t want to have wasted wax along the outside of your candle walls.  Most of us have experienced this and we really are losing the life of our candles.  There are many causes of this but a few are mentioned here.  First, try to avoid drafty or cold areas when burning your candle.  If the walls of your candle are exceptionally cold it will be harder for the centrally located flame to create a complete melt pool at the top of your candle.  Secondly, avoid any sort of surface that is not level.  This can cause problems with one side having more wax and can submerge your wick which causes it not to be able to be relit.  Also, you may be blowing the candle wax onto the side of the candle when you blow it out.  Try using a candle snuffer or dipper to reduce this waste.
  • Let the wax develop a full melt pool. It is best to burn your candle at least long enough for an entire melt pool to develop across the entire width of the candle.  In this way the natural gravity will create a level melt pool and you will not have wax build-up on one side or another.


There are many other ideas that you can try, such as adding salt to the liquid wax.  This makes the wax solidify harder, but can cause issues with the flow of the wax through the wick.  Let us know what ideas you have to make your candle last longer.  Happy candle burning!