Lovely Things to Do in Hershey in the Rain

Lovely Things to Do in Hershey in the Rain

Uh, oh! You came to Hershey expecting glorious sun and crystal clear blue skies, but now the weather forecast predicts rain for days on end. Rain, rain, rain, and more rain.

 First of all, I want to say that I feel your pain.

In general, Central PA … has a lot of rain depending on the time of year, and I feel like it’s only gotten worse.

Honestly, I’ve lost track of how many Memorial Day weekends in a row that have been plagued with wet weather.  Seriously, the first official summer weekend always seems to have rain in the forecast.

So, I get it. Rain is absolutely frustrating. However, Hershey in the rain doesn’t have to be a total “wash out.” You’re still able to find a lot to see and do.

And a rainy weekend in Hershey is still far better than a rainy weekend at home, right? Right!

The Best Things to Do in Hershey in the Rain

Hershey in the rain doesn’t have to be a boring and “washed out” experience. Will you miss out on thrill rides and the amusement park? Sure, a little bit, but at the same time, visiting Hershey in the rain offers a quieter and more unique trip.

For this post, I came up with five great things to do in Hershey in the rain, although you can find many more options. Keep in mind the drive, etc.


Let’s plan for the worst possible weather scenarios now, shall we?

Indian Echo Caverns

Indian Echo Cavern is a short drive outside of Hershey and is located in nearby Hummelstown.

This historic natural wonder, formed by the erosion of limestone, over millions of years formed the caverns you can visit today.

Cheers to Rain in Hershey!

Happy Hour at a Brewery

While rainy days at the amusement park are a drag, the bars absolutely loooooooooove a bit of wet weather to lure in new customers! Hershey has many excellent restaurants and brewery’s.  For example, Troegs is super popular to both tour and score a comfortable seat.  Nearby, Rubber Soul and Englewood offer indoor seating and a full bar and dining menu options as well.

Of course, keep in mind check Happy Hours availability because these may be only offered at certain days and times of the week, so you need to do your research ahead of time.

Learn About Chocolate.

Lovely Local Attractions

Hershey has many local museums  to offer a chance to discover the art of chocolate making & its history, as well as an opportunity to escape the wet weather. By visiting these museums, you’re keeping money “low to the ground,” helping the economy, and preserving local history that would have otherwise been forgotten.

Examples of local museums include (but aren’t limited to) Hershey’s Chocolate World, The Hershey Story.

An Indoor Market

Do you love to eat and shop at local businesses? On a rainy day in Hershey, hop in the car and drive to the nearby Fresh Market!

You’ll love the atmosphere at Hershey’s Fresh Market right in downtown.

Have lunch – beer and pickles – and then see our local handcrafted goods. There are lots of chairs so get comfortable, enjoy and be relaxed here.

After the market, take a stroll around downtown Hershey for some shopping if it’s not pouring too hard.

Good Times for the Kids!

Short Trip to Kids Entertainment

Okay, literally everyone knows about Hershey Park, so I won’t bore you with excessive details about the sweet rides.

Other popular locations for indoor play and super popular in rainy conditions are Hershey Children’s Museum, Splat – A Family Art Studio, and Where The Wild Things Play.  All very fun places to take young children.  Again, check pricing and hours for these locations.


I hope these suggestions provide you some great options during your trip to Hershey